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Chamber meeting with Uisce Éireann

Dear Chamber Members,

We hope this message finds you well. The County Tipperary Chamber and Board of Directors held a meeting this week with Uisce Éireann and the Text Alert Service, representing businesses in our vibrant county. During this meeting, we passionately voiced the concerns and aspirations of our business community.

In these unprecedented times, it is crucial that we unite and support each other to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. One way we can do this is by coming together to strengthen the communication channels within our business system and Uisce Éireann.

We are encouraging all businesses in Tipperary to sign up for the Text Alert Service. This service offers a means of staying informed about important developments, events, and emergencies that may impact your business or the broader community. By subscribing, you not only enhance your own awareness but also contribute to a more connected and resilient business environment in our county.

To sign up for the Text Alert Service, please visit and follow the simple registration process.

County Tipperary Chamber will have a series of follow-up meetings planned with Uisce Éireann to continue discussing progress and planning for the future. These meetings will be essential in ensuring that the interests and needs of Tipperary's businesses are heard and addressed effectively.

Uisce Éireann is currently running a public consultation process on the Regional Water Resources Plan for the South East Region, which includes part of Tipperary. The plan sets out options for providing a more secure, reliable and sustainable water supply for 369,240 customers in the South East region over the next 25 years. The plan is available to view on the Uisce Eireann website at and submissions can be made up to 3 October 2023

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