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County Tipperary Chamber Skillnet continues to evolve our online training offerings and our funded training supports to companies within the Tipperary Region via funding from Skillnet Ireland.

We specialise in facilitating training in the areas of Management Development, Leadership, Professional Skills, amongst other courses. We also provide a wide range of discounted QQI accredited training courses, personal and professional development programmes, seminars and workshops.

Please Note! Skillnet discount available to Republic of Ireland businesses only, and not available to state or semi-state bodies.

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Microsoft Excel - Intermediate

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Date: 4th October 2023

Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm

Level: Excel Intermediate - Level 2

Venue: Online

This course is specifically for those who already have some experience of Excel and know how to input data into a spreadsheet. It will specifically be of interest to those who are working on spreadsheets created by others but want to know how to set up and manage their own workbooks.

Course Outline will include:
• Review of Excel Basics.
• Understanding the difference between “relative” and “absolute” cell references.
• Understanding and using dates in calculations.
• Creating Custom formats for dates and numbers.
• Using the IF function.
• Using VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP functions.
• Using the SUMIF(s), COUNTIF(s) and AVERAGEIF(s) functions.
• Conditional Formatting.
• Working with Text and using common TEXT functions.
• Importing data from other sources.
• Understand how to construct an effective database within Excel.
• Multilevel sorting by more than one field.
• Retrieving records using autofilter, custom and advanced filters

Important notes from the Trainer re these Online courses:

Participants need to ensure that they have Microsoft Excel working on their computer and that their sound is working.

They MUST know how to switch between applications during the course, i.e. They will have a folder open with work files, they will also have ZOOM open, and they will have Excel open. On the day, they will watch the tutor perform the task on ZOOM. They will then switch to the folder which contains the work files and they will open the file. The file will open in Excel where they will perform the task themselves. they must know how to open, save and close work files before attending the course. They therefore need to be able to switch between all three areas frequently. If they are unable to do this they should consider not attending an online course as the tutor will be unable to assist them from a distance – a classroom based course would be more beneficial in this circumstance.

The trainer will send a link to the work files needed for the course.

You will need to download these work files before the course and place them in a folder on your desktop.

All participants must have a copy of Microsoft Excel on their laptop or PC. Ideally the version of Excel will be from Office 365 or Office 203 or Office 2016.

You must have internet access. Your laptop or PC must have either built-in or connected speakers and ideally should also have a webcam.

You will be sent an invitation to join the course and you may need to download and install the ZOOM app if it is not already on your computer.

Please note:

In an ideal setup, each participant would have a PC with duel screens, a camera, microphone and speakers, however we know this is not normally possible. At a minimum, each person must have a laptop with Excel installed and working. You must be able to hear the trainer therefore must have speakers or headphones attached to your laptop or PC. The trainer would prefer to be able to see you. It is possible to join the course on your smart phone, where you have a microphone and camera and then you can work on your computer, however while this works, it isn’t ideal because you cannot share your computer screen with the trainer if you are in trouble. Also, it can be difficult to see the detail of an Excel worksheet on a tiny phone screen.

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Training Cancellation Policy

Training courses which are cancelled over 7 days in advance of scheduled training date shall incur no cancellation fee. Training courses which are cancelled within 7 days of scheduled training date shall incur a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the cost. Registrants who give less than 24 hours notice or fail to attend training will be charged 100% of the full fee.

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