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Why Your Business Should Apply for the Business Awards 2024

The Business Awards 2024, sponsored by Carey Glass, represent the highest accolade your business can receive in the Tipperary region. Participation is free of charge, and no Chamber membership is required. Your business or charity simply needs to be based in Tipperary. Winning an award can bring a multitude of benefits:

  • Elevate Your Business Profile: Winning this prestigious award significantly boosts your visibility and credibility, setting you apart as a leader in your field.

  • Celebrate Excellence: Publicly acknowledge and celebrate the dedication and innovation that your team brings to their work, enhancing morale and pride.

  • Open Doors to New Opportunities: Attract attention from potential clients, partners, and talent who value excellence and innovation, driving your business growth.

Applying for the Business Awards 2024 is not just about competing; it’s about highlighting the dedication and impact of your business. Take this opportunity to be recognized as the best in Tipperary. Apply now and let the achievements of your team shine!

Awards Categories

Click to apply for the relevant category below!

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Employer Of The Year Award.jpg

Recognises businesses that excel in creating a supportive and engaging workplace environment, focusing on outstanding employee relations, and enhancing workplace culture


Service Provider of the Year

Awards excellence in customer service across both B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Consumer) sectors, celebrating providers who go above and beyond in servicing their clientele.


Tourism & Hospitality Excellence

Dedicated to recognising outstanding service providers in the tourism and hospitality sectors: - Hotel Excellence: For hotels that provide exceptional guest experiences. - Hospitality Supplier Excellence: For suppliers who consistently exceed expectations in quality and service within the hospitality industry.


Retailer of the Year

Retail businesses that demonstrate innovative customer service and operational practices that lead to significant business growth and customer satisfaction.


SME Excellence Award

Celebrates the achievements of small to medium-sized enterprises that play a crucial role in the community with substantial economic contributions and innovative practices.

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Sustainability Award

Recognises businesses that implement sustainable practices that have a significant positive impact on the environment and society.


Community Impact Award

Non profits Recognises organisations that make significant non-monetary contributions to their communities, through impactful projects and volunteer work.


Training And Development Award

Honours organisations that exhibit best practices in employee development through effective training and upskilling programs.


Large Business of the Year

Recognises large enterprises (over 75 employees) that have made significant industrial contributions, leading their sectors in innovation, economic impact, and community development.

Best Dining Experience Award.jpg

Best Dining Award

Awards top service providers in the dining and leisure sectors: - Cafes & Bars Excellence: For cafes and bars that provide superior customer experiences.Casual Dining Excellence: For casual dining establishments that are leaders in service, quality, and innovation

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Emerging Business Award

Awarded to innovative, new businesses (under 5 years old) that show significant promise and potential for impact through unique business models or products.

Innovation & Digitilisation Award.jpg

Innovation And Digitalisation Award

For businesses that excel in adopting new technologies and innovative practices that transform industry standards and operations.

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