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County Tipperary Chamber and Lobbying Day and Chambers Ireland 101 AGM

Michelle Aylward, CEO of County Tipperary Chamber, Plays Key Role at Chambers Ireland's 101st AGM

Michelle Aylward, CEO of County Tipperary Chamber, was honoured to participate in the historic 101st Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Chambers Ireland, held at the prestigious Royal College of Physicians of Ireland in Dublin today 27 September 2023. Aylward's presence and active involvement underscored the chamber's commitment to advocating for the betterment of the business community in County Tipperary.

Michelle Aylward and the County Tipperary Chamber delegation had an outstanding day of discussions and collaboration. The primary focus of the participation was to contribute to the pre-budget submissions aimed at addressing the unique needs and priorities of the businesses in Tipperary.

One of the highlights of the AGM was the united effort to champion the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Michelle Aylward and her team at County Tipperary Chamber have consistently emphasized the importance of sustainability in shaping a brighter future for the region. The SDGs serve as a crucial framework for fostering economic growth and social well-being while preserving the environment.

Throughout the day, the delegation from County Tipperary Chamber actively engaged in discussions addressing critical issues facing the business community of County Tipperary. These discussions included strategies to tackle housing challenges, ensure equitable access to water, strengthen infrastructure development for sustainable growth, and enhance the skill sets of the local workforce.

Michelle Aylward expressed her gratitude to Chambers Ireland for hosting this historic AGM and providing a platform for counties like Tipperary to voice their concerns and aspirations. She also commended the dedication of the participants from various chambers and organisations in collectively working towards a better future for Ireland.

Michelle Aylward stated, "Participating in the 101st AGM of Chambers Ireland has been a tremendous opportunity for County Tipperary Chamber to advocate for our county's unique needs and vision. We are proud to stand together with other stakeholders to push for sustainable development, address critical issues, and create a thriving and inclusive future for Tipperary."

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