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County Tipperary Chamber Praises Budget 2024 for Boosting Small Businesses

The County Tipperary Chamber of Commerce enthusiastically welcomes the initiatives outlined in Budget 2024, focusing on bolstering small businesses and enhancing vital infrastructure in the region. In the face of upcoming regulatory changes, the Chamber sees these measures as crucial for sustaining local enterprises and fostering economic growth.

Support for Small Businesses:

The Chamber applauds the allocation of a €250 million fund dedicated to supporting small businesses. This allocation is a testament to the government's recognition of the challenges faced by businesses amidst evolving regulations. The proposed method of delivering this support, through a Commercial Rates rebate, is viewed as a practical and efficient solution. County Tipperary Chamber

Chief Executive, Michelle Aylward, highlighted the significance of this approach, especially in light of rising energy costs, minimum wage adjustments, additional leave entitlements, and the introduction of auto-enrolment pensions in 2024. This streamlined support is expected to provide much-needed relief to affected businesses.

Infrastructure Investment:

County Tipperary Chamber Recognising the challenges posed by the lack of adequate infrastructure and housing, the Chamber emphasises the critical role these improvements play in reducing costs and enabling businesses to attract and retain skilled staff.

Skills Development and Climate Action:

Budget 2024 emphasis on skills development to drive climate action aligns with the Chamber’s vision for a sustainable future. By investing in skills training, businesses and communities in County Tipperary can actively contribute to Ireland's climate goals. The focus on attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) will stimulate economic growth, creating employment opportunities and fostering innovation.

Michelle Aylward, Chief Executive of County Tipperary Chamber, expressed her optimism, stating, "Today’s budget signifies a step in the right direction, especially for our local businesses and infrastructure development. The emphasis on simplicity and efficiency in delivering support to small businesses is commendable, and the investments in infrastructure will undoubtedly enhance the economic landscape of County Tipperary. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact these measures will have on our community."

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